Content-Specific Curricular Supports (CSCS):

  • Professional development on collaborative instruction/coaching for co-teaching and IEP teams.
  • Tier II and Tier III instruction aligned with HQIM in Literacy & Math grades BK-12.
  • Technical support for screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring of math and literacy.
  • Training and coaching in HQIM-specific strategic and intensive instruction to accelerate achievement for multilingual learners and learners with IEPs.
  1. Screening assessment: Use Smarter Balance, Illuminate, NWEA, DIBELS/Amplify/Acadience, STAR, etc. to immediately deliver strategic, goal-based instruction to learners based on their specific needs.
  2. Diagnostic assessment: Apply literacy, math, and content area assessment tools to measure current performance, establish instructional goals, and implement strategic and intensive instruction.
  3. Intervention design: Apply the EBPs of task analysis and self-monitoring with goal setting to design curriculum-specific materials and procedures that accelerate progress across content areas (literacy, math, SS, Sci)
  4. Progress monitoring: use normed instruments and gap analysis methodology to identify when to increase or fade instructional intensity based on rates learning gaps are closing.