DASL believes that an effective evaluation system can support educator growth and student learning. We specialize in providing expert professional development for implementation of the Delaware Performance Appraisal System (DPAS II) and other approved systems in Delaware and surrounding states. Each of our offerings can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school district or state.

Summary of Offerings

Teacher and Specialist Evaluation Process

The Delaware Academy for School Leadership features a team of credentialed, experienced evaluators to assist schools and districts in effectively launching and implementing the teacher evaluation process looking through a lens of growth and development. 

DASL credentialed evaluators can support school and district leaders in training teachers in the evaluation system and supporting administrators in providing focused feedback and action steps. Support can be provided in both process and product. 


DASL staff are credentialed in both DPAS-II for administrators and teachers.  They can support districts and buildings with understanding and implementing cohesive and meaningful evaluation through goal setting, evidence collection and actionable feedback.  Additional support can also be provided in developing and monitoring improvement plans for administrators and teacher specialists.


DASL specialists coach individual administrators and administrative teams with a focus on implementing the teacher evaluation system. Specialists observe side by side with school administrators to calibrate evidence and feedback and support the planning and facilitation of the debrief session. Coaching is focused on strengthening the school leader’s capacity in evaluation practices and instructional interactions to improve outcomes for students 

District Professional Development

DASL leadership specialists support the school district in planning for and implementing teacher evaluation systems to promote consistent implementation of systems across schools in the district. Supports include training school administrators in the following:

  • The Instructional Framework
  • High Quality Instructional Practices
  • Writing evidence
  • Providing feedback
  • Process Overview
  • Scheduling
  • Navigating DSC

Leadership Team Professional Development

DASL leadership specialists support building administrators and leadership teams through customized professional development sessions. Leaders learn how to connect school priorities to teacher evaluation systems and act as learning partners with teachers in order to develop meaningful goals and work towards continuous growth in their craft.

Administrator Evaluation and Support

DASL specialists provide coaching for Principal Supervisors in the evaluation system and best practices in supporting school principals. Individual coaching is provided and professional learning sessions for teams of Principal Supervisors. 

Whole Staff Professional Development/Teacher Training

DASL specialists provide professional development for teachers on the evaluation system philosophy, process, and framework.  Common language is established and communicated to create a sound understanding and a foundation for successful growth.  Teachers learn the purpose and process of professional goal setting based upon classroom data, along with the value of monitoring progress throughout the year. Participants become familiar with the structure of the evaluation framework and corresponding instructional practices. DASL specialists can support PLCs as they set goals, use data to inform instruction and share expertise.