Empowering Black Secondary Math Educators

photo of attendees at the podium
photo of attendees at the podium

The Empowering Black Secondary Math Educators (EBSME) event on June 4, 2024, featured Dr. Toya Frank and was a remarkable success. Organized by SSC School Success Specialists Nicole Draper, Jonathan Dinkins, and Crystal Collier, this event was designed to spread awareness of the inequities facing Black teachers in Delaware. 

The EBSME event aimed to engage and support teachers of color, particularly Black math educators, who often face unique challenges and feelings of isolation within the educational system. Our ultimate goal is to extend these supportive spaces to other Black teachers and leaders, including those in the state’s elementary, middle, and specialty subject areas.

The team expressed that they strive to create a supportive community that acknowledges and addresses the educational system’s specific struggles and racialized experiences. Research indicates that racial affinity professional development can help sustain Black teachers in the classroom and enhance their capacity to effect systemic change.

Dr. Toya Frank’s expertise and unwavering dedication have furnished us with invaluable insights into the inequities facing Black mathematics teachers. You can learn more about Dr. Frank’s work here.

This event was made possible by a generous Delaware Department of Education grant. 

photo of Black Math Educators Attendees and SSC staff

Here are some actionable ways to support Black math teachers in the classroom:

  1. Advocate for Inclusive Policies
  2. Foster Mentorship and Networking Opportunities
  3. Facilitate Professional Development
  4. Cultivate Safe Spaces
  5. Engage in Active Listening and Learning
  6. Support access to professional development 
  7. Provide Accessible Resources
  8. Recognize and Celebrate Contributions
  9. Champion Student Support Initiatives

Through the collective pursuit of these initiatives, we can foster a more supportive and equitable environment for Black math teachers, enriching their capacity to educate and inspire future generations.